Cooperative Education Program
Program Objectives
The objectives of the Cooperative Education Program are to:
  • Provide the practical experience of applying theories and principles learned in the classroom.
  • Provide the opportunity to develop transferable skills, as well as acquaint participants with the missions and goals of the Laboratory.
  • Provide the Co-op employee with the opportunity to determine the kind of work for which he or she might best be suited.
  • Provide a source of potential full-time employees for JPL.
Eligibility Requirements
  • Must satisfy all conditions of employment required by JPL.
  • Must provide an official transcript and verification of enrollment in an academic program..
  • Sons and Daughters of JPL employees are not eligible to participate
  • Must be in good academic standing, have at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and be enrolled in a Cooperative Education Program at his or her college or university.
  • JPL seeks students majoring in science or engineering, especially those majoring in electrical engineering, computer science, physics, mathematics, aeronautical engineering or mechanical engineering. Opportunities also arise for students majoring in business administration.
Job Assignments
Initial assignments are designed so that they may be completed during a six-month period. Subsequent assignments may last for three months. Students participate in scientific, technical or administrative assignments such as analysis, project development, design, documentation, surveying, investigating, computation, laboratory or field experimentation and testing. The difficulty and level of responsibility of each job depend on the needs of the project and on the student's career interests and level of experience.
Application Process
Students interested in the COOP positions should apply for one of the Cooperative Education Program Requisitions.