Academic Part Time Program
The Academic Part Time Program (APT) is an employment program designed to give local area undergraduates and postgraduates an opportunity to prepare for a career with on-the-job training as a supplement to classroom instruction. Students may work at JPL up to 30 hours per week as APT employees as long as they are enrolled in a degreed program at an accredited academic institution and are attending school at least half time. APT Positions are only open to students attending schools in the local area within commuting distance of the main JPL facility in Pasadena, CA. A 3.0 minimum GPA required.

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Cooperative Education Program
The Cooperative Education Program (COOP) is an employment program for college undergraduates designed to give student on-the-job training as a supplement to classroom instruction. In cooperation with selected accredited colleges and universities full-time students enrolled in the program, participate in paid employment at JPL during alternating quarter/semester periods. Similar to an internship, this program provides students with real-world practical experience related to their field of study to not only enrich their education but also prepare them for a career upon graduation.

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Summer Employment Program
The Summer Employment Program is also designed for students to be employed by JPL in full-time positions during their summer break. This program can provide experience that can lead to participation in other student programs or a career after college graduation.

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New Graduate Program
JPL also has an active college-recruiting program which provides career opportunities for new graduates interested in technical and non-technical positions at the laboratory. JPL's recruiting activity and schedule vary according to programmatic and business needs, however we typically follow a fall/spring schedule.

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